Enabling CAD Collaboration in Nextcloud
Lightning talk
16.09.23, 09:55 - 16.09.23, 10:00 (-0400) (5 Minuten)

Enabling CAD Collaboration in Nextcloud
Casper Harnung Principal

Casper holds a Master of Science degree in Construction Engineering and Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark. His first job was with Kozo Systems in Tokyo, Japan, the maker of DRA-CAD, the most sold first-generation Japanese CAD system. Casper has done several graphics related start-ups and has for the last 20 years together with Scott Taylor built Tailor Made Software, Ltd., located in Seattle, USA and Stockholm, Sweden, the acknowledged leader for the conversion, extraction, manipulation, and display of CAD data.

Many professionals in the Construction and Real Estate industries as well as Government needs a secure tool to be able to share CAD drawings and collaborate around projects between customers, users, and stakeholders.
Tailor Made Software (offices in Seattle and Stockholm) has with partner Docuex in the UK, who uses NextCloud as platform to share drawings with their client portfolio throughout Europe, developed the CADViewer App for NextCloud. The CADViewer CAD conversion and display engine is completely integrated inside NextCloud with no external access, thereby keeping all customer content secure.
The speech will talk about the functional needs in this space, the cool features of CADViewer in NextCloud, and what will be added in the future, NextCloud as an enabler of a business application and open a discussion about licensed vs. opensource.
Whereas Tailor Made Software can be a driver to update and/or rewrite the current opensource projects for DWG (AutoCAD) format support, the project requirements do that the stakeholders in these businesses typically will opt for an industry foundation toolkit.
(Note: It would be very interesting to learn more from the community in this aspect for other formats)
(Note 2: My colleague Scott Taylor can if needed, in a separate session, explain the limitations of the current open-source CAD projects (LibreDWG) for AutoCAD and how it can be improved)
(To NextCloud: 30 min to 1 hour is priority, but is it possible to also do a quick 5min elevator pitch presentation, as you have two types of audiences, it seems?)