(Don't) Do It Yourself? - An Overview of Struggles and Set-Ups of Private and Organizational Nextcloud Users
Ubicación: Main room - 1/10/22 7:55 - 1/10/22 8:00 (-0400) (5 minutos)

Lea Gröber PhD Student

Lea is a PhD student at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security working in the area of usable security and privacy. Her research focuses on making security and privacy critical technology and defensive mechanisms more accessible to users and developers. In particular she is interested in making self-hosting more accessible to different user populations. For this line of research she teamed up with Nextcloud to study motivations, roadblocks, infrastructure, and security strategies of the self-hosting community.

Little is known about the population of Nextcloud users. Who are these people who use Nextcloud? What drives them to self-host their services? How do they provide and secure their operations? This talk gives a brief overview about the findings of the 2021 Nextcloud community survey and preliminary results of the interview study with private, commercial, and non-profit users.