Panel session: How to contribute?
Ubicación: Main room - 1/10/22 7:00 - 1/10/22 7:45 (-0400) (45 minutos)

Moderator: Jan-Christoph Borchardt Design Team Lead

Panel session speakers: 

Nimisha Vijay, Designer at Nextcloud

Nimisha is a user experience designer for Nextcloud, working on making Nextcloud more intuitive, useful, and fun. She has a degree in engineering and has been contributing to Nextcloud design since late 2020. She is interested in the relationship we have with technology and the role of design in shaping it, and is passionate about ethical, democratic, and open-source software.

Pedro Silva, UX and Community Manager at Collabora Online

Hello I’m Pedro, and I've been working in graphic design for 10 years now. I enjoy any form of discourse and I’m into libre software. Nextcloud, TDF, OpenStreetMap and ANSOL member. I try to help out whenever I can :)

Greta Doçi, Software Engineer at Nextcloud

Greta has finished her master studies in University of Tirana for Information and Communication Technology. She is an Albanian long-time Wikipedia contributor and Nextcloud advocate. She joined our front-end developer team after completing a joint internship with Wikimedia Deutschland and Nextcloud.

About the moderator:

Jan C. Borchardt works as designer and community manager focused on open source, privacy and collaboration. He is co-founder, design lead and community manager at Nextcloud, as well as co-founder and contributor at Open Source Diversity, Open Source Design and Terms of Service; Didn’t Read.