One year of contribution to Nextcloud: Some feedback for us as a community
Lightning talk
17/09/23, 05:05 - 17/09/23, 05:10 (-0400) (5 minuti)

Jérôme Herbinet Trainer

Trainer and Swiss knife at Arawa company, Nextcloud's Gold partner in France.
Nextcloud contributor : Member of the design community team on GitHub and reviewer in the Nextcloud server team on Transifex.
Author of a French blog about digital hygiene and free software:
OpenStreetMap contributor.
Former web integrator.

We would like to provide an experience feedback of the contribution to Nextcloud.
We will present our current fields of contribution and our overall impression through the work we have done.
We will cover contribution to source code and to translation and explain how we try to produce them. We will then present how we view their current state and try to expose how one could possibly improve the process of the contribution to Nextcloud, both as provider and as a receiver.