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Nextcloud Conference 2023


The deadline for the Call for speakers was August 18th . If your talk was accepted, you have received a confirmation from us. Please submit your slides for the presentation by the 4th of September.

ℹ️ Submit your slides here. If you need a slide template - use this. 

We are looking for sessions that give an insight in our ecosystem and what's happening! Think of an update about developments in a Nextcloud application, or the presentation of a privacy-focused project, a piece of hardware with Nextcloud, development status on a feature. Anything that is interesting and useful for people in the Nextcloud community will be considered.

See you in Berlin!

Talk Intro

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Wer wird diesen Vortrag halten? Wir werden dies den Teilnehmern zeigen, um Ihren Vortrag zu präsentieren.


Wie kann unser Team mit Ihnen in Kontakt treten?


  • Workshops: These are meant to be interactive learning sessions, allocated in slots of 30 or 60 minutes. For a 30 min workshop, plan to talk (slides) max 10 minutes, and 20 minutes coding. For a 60 min slot, plan max 20 min talking, the rest - helping people write apps or review things etc.
  • Lightning Talks: These are 5 minutes talks on many different topics, like the status of an app or ideas for new ones. Most topics are accepted in lightning talks.

    We focus on these two types of session as the audience is mostly developers (bring your laptop!). 30-60 minute lectures are simply not interesting for the participants - those might be suitable for other events, though, talk to us!


Wir benötigen eine unterzeichnete Vereinbarung mit den Referenten, in der sie sich zu folgendem bereiterklären:

Zeitnahe Veröffentlichung der Präsentationsdokumente, zur Veröffentlichung auf unserer Website.

Erlauben Sie Video- und Audioaufnahmen ihrer Präsentation zur Veröffentlichung auf unserer Website.