jtx Board - Bringing VJOURNAL to life on Android
Ort: Main room - 02.10.22, 08:25 - 02.10.22, 08:30 (-0400) (5 Minuten)

Patrick Lang Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity

Working in different roles within corporate structures in IT and the contact with bitfire web engineering (DAVx5) brought us to the idea to realise jtx Board and the mission to further promote open standards and especially the usage of the VJOURNAL component of the iCalendar standard.

The iCalendar standard was introduced many years ago, although its VEVENT component has become an extensively used standard for events, VTODO a widely used standard for tasks, the VJOURNAL was widely ignored despite its capabilities to use it for journal entries and notes.
With jtx Board we would like to offer an Android app that fully supports the VJOURNAL and VTODO component of the iCalendar standard. The entries can be synchronised with any compatible CalDAV server through DAVx5.
Besides pushing the standard and promoting the app, in this talk we would also like to discuss options and find developers who would like to promote the standard further and maybe create a web-frontend for Nextcloud to use the capabilities of the VJOURNAL component also directly online.