Homelab disaster recovery made easy with open source tools!
Lightning talk
17/09/2023, 05:10 - 17/09/2023, 05:15 (Eastern Daylight Time) (5 minutes)

Homelab disaster recovery made easy with open source tools!
Tomasz Frątczak Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Tomasz Frątczak graduated from Lancaster University with a masters degree in Computer Science in 2013. Since then he has held a number of positions in the technology and e-commerce industries. Currently a Lead Site Reliability Engineer at N26 GmbH, his professional interests revolve around cloud-native software development and platform engineering. A loving husband and a father of two, he spends his free time training for local triathlon events and self-hosting a privacy-focused homelab.

Protecting your data doesn't end at having a 3-2-1 backup. Whether you are self hosting services or handle company data in the cloud it pays to have a practiced plan for bringing your services and data back to life. Come see how I deal with backups and disaster recovery in my homelab using the insights I have learned working in the industry. All using open and free software!