11 user events your app wants to listen to
Location: Main room - 02/10/2022, 08:10 - 02/10/2022, 08:15 (Eastern Daylight Time) (5 minutes)

11 user events your app wants to listen to
Blizzz Sr. Softwar Engineer

Mostly Blizzz works on the backend bits, but can push some pixels if necessary. He knows a large part of the Nextcloud server and a good bunch of apps, having his hands dirty in LDAP, SAML, Flow, Comments, amongst many more. Blizzz is trying to keep Nextcloud's (as in company) services running. Occasionally he releases the server and also he likes to deal with different technologies. Blizzz identifies as night owl and knows how to exit vim.

In the ecosystem of Nextcloud we have, among others, apps and users. In any ecosystem each organism has a life cycle, and so have apps and users. And of course we have an interaction of both. Users may do set some options, generate data (or let the app do it), or the app might do some work in the background for the user.

Now, in the life cycle of a user there are various events that are dispatched that your app can or should listen to: whether it is user creation, changes of user attributes, disabling of users and also the deletion of users.

This lightning talk aims to give you an overview on these events.

*X will turn into a number once I get a clearer picture of it