Nextcloud in a Confidential Compute Cloud
Location: Main room - 01/10/2022, 08:05 - 01/10/2022, 08:15 (Eastern Daylight Time) (10 minutes)

Nextcloud in a Confidential Compute Cloud
Sebastian Gajek Co-CEO

Sebastian is Co-CEO of enclaive, pioneering confidential compute technology, and professor at Flensburg University for IT-Security.

Running the Nextcloud with all its beautiful applications anywhere, in particular in the public, in such a way that no cloud provider can see and access the application data, is an ambitious goal. With the new paradigm of confidential cloud computing, it is finally possible to run Nextcloud in a confidential environment without the fear of disclosing sensitive user data.

I‘d like to give both a short lightning talk as well as a workshop. The latter is technical with live demos.