Panel session: How to contribute?
Panel session
17/9/23 8:00 - 17/9/23 8:45 (-0400) (45 minutos)

Panel session: How to contribute?
James Sundquist, Nimisha Vijay and Marcel Scherello

Curious about how to start contributing to open source? Learn about how you can get involved in your own way!


James Sundquist  

James Sundquist is a contributor to a number of Nextcloud projects including Nextcloud Pi, one of Nextcloud's most well-loved community projects, Nextcloud documentation, and an active member of the community forums. An open source enthusiast, James has been a Nextcloud user since many years as well as a writer for Linux magazines. He is also involved in technical theatre and landscape and stone work.

Marcel Scherello 

Marcel has over 20 years of international project experience in Asia, North America and Europe, focusing on business warehouse as well as application and service management for large SAP implementations. He prioritizes customer satisfaction, reliability, and scalability. As the owner of Audioplayer and Analytics, Marcel is also a longstanding member of the Nextcloud community.

Moderator and panelist: Nimisha Vijay 

Nimisha is a user experience designer originally from India. She has a degree in engineering and has been contributing to Nextcloud design since late 2020. She is interested in the relationship we have with technology and the role of design in shaping it, and is passionate about ethical, democratic, and open-source software.