Panel session: Shaping the future of privacy
Ubicación: Main room - 2/10/22 7:00 - 2/10/22 7:45 (-0400) (45 minutos)

Moderator: Daphne Muller

Panel session speakers: 

Renata Avila, CEO Open Knowledge Foundation

Renata is an international lawyer, author and advocate. She brings nearly 20 years of experience in access to knowledge, freedom of expression, policymaking and global digital rights. Renata is an Affiliate with the Stanford Institute of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Renata is a Global Board of Trustees of Digital Future Society member. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Open Future and the Whistleblower Network Germany, as well as the Advisory Board of Creative Commons, among other affiliations in a vast professional network extending across Europe, Latin America and North America. She co-founded the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms, the Progressive International and Polylat - an international platform cooperative for knowledge workers.

Gaël Duval, Founder and CEO at Murena.

Gaël Duval is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He created the first desktop-based Linux distribution in 1998, Mandrake Linux (based on KDE), and more recently launched /e/OS, a fully deGoogled mobile operating system for the masses.

Franz Geiger, Tech Lead Software Engineer at Fairphone

Franz is an avid user of open source software and cares about the impact of technology on society and our environment. He is a Tech Lead and Software Engineer at Fairphone, the smartphone company that cares about people and our planet. After joining Fairphone in 2016, Franz focused on the maintenance and security of the operating system running on the Fairphone devices. Today, he works on microservices supporting the operations of the scaling organization.

About the moderator: 

Daphne Muller, Manager alliances, ecosystem & support at Nextcloud. Daphne is also known for her TEDx talk on how a future with privacy could become reality.

Less collection of personal data will bring more competition, more innovation and more progress in the market. Daphne Muller is a scientist working for Nextcloud, a company in Germany that produces alternative privacy-friendly software to products like Google Workplace and Microsoft Office. They’re building the Microsoft of the future. She studied Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven and graduated on the subject of privacy in IoT-products with very high marks, but with a lot of controversy among her colleagues who were somewhat biased towards big-tech. 

In her thesis, published at two major a-level computer science conferences, she stated that all the data collection proposed throughout the IT-world is unnecessary, thereby breaking a taboo among IT-experts.