Using Nextcloud in a Smart Home environment
2/10/22 8:20 - 2/10/22 8:25 (-0400) (5 minutos)

Using Nextcloud in a Smart Home environment
Joseph Zikusooka (Zik) CEO, Jambula Labs

He is a strong advocate for free libre and open source software (FLOSS) and has deployed Nextcloud instances on Linux servers since
2016. Given its strength when it comes to security and privacy, Zik uses Nextcloud instances to manage schedules in a smart home
environment. You can follow him on Twitter:

Since Nextcloud is designed with security and privacy in mind, it makes it a suitable choice for use in the modern smart home. For example, you can use the calendar module in Nextcloud to notify occupants in the home about important reminders and appointments. The chat and talk features are a perfect companion to smooth communications in a smart home.