Nextcloud Conference 2023

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Join us in Berlin for your yearly conference!

Every year we invite our community of contributors and end-users to come and hang out together! It's the ideal event to meet and present new ideas and features, roadmap the future versions, talk about achievements over the last year, join workshops and training sessions and more.... Learn more on our website!

Be there and be part of what makes Nextcloud so amazing!

Read our Code of conduct.

This code of conduct presents a summary of the shared values and “common sense” thinking in our community.

Data e ora
16 settembre 2023
Inizio - 10:00
22 settembre 2023
Fine - 18:00 CET

Motion Lab Berlin

Bouchéstrasse 12
hall 20
12435 Berlin
--Motion Lab Berlin--
+49 30 12082028

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