Why the public sector sponsors the Nextcloud-OpenProject integration
Lightning talk
17/09/23, 04:30 - 17/09/23, 04:35 (-0400) (5 minuti)

Why the public sector sponsors the Nextcloud-OpenProject integration
Wieland Lindenthal Technical Co-Founder OpenProject

Wieland Lindenthal leads the team that is building the OpenProject Nextcloud integration. He manages the requirements, the roadmap, the development and the sponsors of the integration. In spite of being one of the co-founders of the OpenProject GmbH he also co-founded a couple of startups in his past. He holds the degree "M.Sc, Software Engineering" from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam.

We deeply integrated Nextcloud with our open source project management software OpenProject. And the public sector sponsored it. When organizing projects we help team members to answer the question "Where are the files for my tasks?" We simply allow linking tasks in OpenProject with files and folders in Nextcloud. In our latest release we took the integration even further. We ensure that project managers do not forget to provide correct access rights to these files. With so called "Project folders" OpenProject automatically creates and manages folders that are shared within project teams. This significantly reduces typical coordination and communication overhead. Further, project templates speed up and improve the quality of recurring projects by providing template project plans, files and and folder structures. And not only the public sector loves it.