Nextcloud user provisioning with SCIM 2.0
02/10/22, 08:45 - 02/10/22, 08:50 (-0400) (5 minuti)

Nextcloud user provisioning with SCIM 2.0
Frank Dengler CEO audriga

Frank is the CEO and co-founder of audriga, a company pioneering data portability since 2011. audriga supports hosters and telcos of all sizes with white-label self-service customer onboarding and large-scale multimillion account platform migrations. audriga can migrate nearly any kind of data such as files, emails, contacts, calendars, account settings and rules between virtually any type of system.

User provisioning is an important aspect of data portability and interoperability, which has not been a major subject of standardization efforts since the times of LDAP. Consequently, many web hosters, groupware systems, and online storage solutions merely offer legacy provisioning APIs or even no API at all.

The Open Provisioning Framework (OPF) project, supported by the EU Next Generation Internet data portability incubator (DAPSI), aims to adapt and extend the open provisioning standard SCIM (RFC 7642/7643/7644) for web hosting and groupware scenarios. We present the SCIM app for Nextcloud, which was started by IndieHosters at the NextGov Hackathon and has been further extended within OPF.